A day especially for you


I met this amazing girl when I was in Grade 2. She’s small, petite and had very kinky hair. She seems fragile and she’s like the target of bullies in school. We weren’t really close friends. We’re not friends, actually. Just classmates. I have my own group of friends, she has her own. But there was this one incident that I will never forget.

For whatever reason, I sprained my ankle, and as far as I can remember, it was really painful that I’m crying alone in one corner. We both belong to the afternoon class, and that time, my service van was really late and it’s getting dark. For a gradeschooler, 5:30pm is considered VERY LATE. I was alone waiting for my service, and for some reason, she was also there. She approached me and massaged my sprained ankle. I was really hesitant at first since we’re not really close. I don’t know much about her. All I know is that she’s always teased because of her hair. But then, my sprained ankle felt much better after that.

We continued with our own lives as the years passed. Nothing changed with our relationship even after the “sprained ankle” incident: I have my own friends, she has her own. She was being bullied, but she continues to be strong. She’s not the type of person to complain and report to her parents that she was being bullied or whatever. She silently endures the “horror” of being bullied. Anyway, during those times, I’m not the type of person to care. Yes, maldita rin ako no. Hindi ako mabait. She transferred to another school when we were in Grade 5 so we didn’t graduate together.

I was surprised to see her back when we reached our first year in high school. She has straight hair now (but there are still times when she was napagti-tripan— targeted? I don’t really know the term—by a new set of bullies.

I don’t exactly remember how we started hanging out. Before I knew it, she was already my bestest friend. We communicate through the eyes, and we have our own ‘radar’ that even Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, etc. cannot access. She knows what’s on my mind even if I don’t say anything.

I think it was the perfect time for us to become friends because if we became friends during grade school, I would probably end up in the Principal’s office or even kicked out from school dealing with bullies. Seriously. Kkkk~

We are eight in the group, but I don’t know why she’s the one. Is it because we share the same interests? She’s as crazy as me? We have the same humor level? I don’t really know. All I know is that she’s special and I love her. She’s more than just the bestest friend for me. She’s more like a sister.

What’s best about her is that she made me realize one thing: friendship doesn’t require a reason on why you should be friends. You just feel it, enjoy it, and treasure it. ♥


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