How to Become A Tough Guy: A Guide to Sydney Francisco’s World

Hi! This is Tini, author of How To Become A Tough Guy on wattpad. ♥

I created this post to share some trivias and/or other details that I missed out on the story. I actually created the story years ago, but only decided to share it on wattpad just now. HOHOHO.

Before we begin the trivia, let’s start with the brief synopsis of the story:

Sydney Francisco, a high school senior, finds out that her twin brother Sab was beaten up by a notorious group of students from Lindt International High School, leading him to a comatose condition. Determined to give justice to her brother, Sydney decides to transfer to Southville [which is known as “pugad ng mga siga” and Lindt High’s rival school], and pretended to be Sab. She meets the Pirates and gave them a deal: “he” will teach them how to become a casanova, but in return, they will teach her how to become a tough guy.


Sydney Francisco—the heroine. A 16-year old girl who is known as the Miss Popular of St. Mary’s Academy. She pretended to be her twin brother in order to change his ‘bully-target’ image and to give justice for what happened to him.

Haze Gatcheco—Sydney’s love interest; one of the fire and ice, which is known to be the best fighters from Southville.

Sebastian Francisco—Sydney’s twin brother. They have the same face but have totally different interests. A bookworm and loner; he’s usually the target of school bullies because of his weird personality.

Deck Soriano—Haze’s bestfriend; one of the fire and ice; captain of the soccer varsity and president of the sports club. Underwent the casanova lesson to make the girl of his dreams fall in love with him.

Third Sandoval—the most outgoing and fun-loving member of the Pirates. The only Pirate with no dark past.

Paolo Perilla—the bald Pirate who loves photography. He also dreams of becoming a doctor someday.

Missy Velasco—a.k.a. Kuting. A spy sent to Southville. Deck falls in love with her at first sight. She’s the right hand of the Pirates’ rival group from Lindt High.

Ramoncito Lantican—a.k.a. Sermon. He’s Batulao 4-A’s class adviser and also the coach of the boys’ soccer varsity.

Carmela Serrano—Southville’s new english teacher who was also Sydney’s former mentor in St. Mary’s.

Hazel Gatcheco—Haze’s younger sister. She doesn’t talk on the first few parts of the story but eventually learns how to open up to other people, especially her brother.

Rio Orillo—Paolo’s ex-girlfriend who died bacause of cancer. She’s also the reason why Paolo shaved his head.

How To Become A Tough Guy characters 


[1] I make mangas. I have completed 4 mangas since 2005, and How to Become a Tough Guy is supposed to be the 5th one. But since I was too lazy to draw, I decided to write it on wattpad. [And I’m not really confident in showing those mangas to other people… so I might as well just share the story on wattpad.^^]

[2] Southville—the school name originated from the High School that I attended, South Hill = Southville. I’m not really good at naming schools so I decided to base it there. There is also a moniker for our school, South Hell, so I thought, it really fits the stereotype of Southville students as “siga”. Pugad ng mga siga.

[3] Lindt International High School—the original name of the school is Philippine High School. It sounds too plain so I decided to change it. I can’t think of anything but the chocolate that I’m eating while typing, so there. Lindt International High School—from Lindt Swiss Chocolate. Yum! ♥

[4] Ramoncito Lantican—the name is supposed to be “Ramon” as in Ramon Bautista. But since I have a brother-like officemate, I decided to name it after him. I usually make fun of his name… HAHAHA. Oh well. I just find it funny and I want to tease him so I named the character on his behalf. Personality-wise, they’re not really the same. “Lantican” also came from another officemate.

Click here to begin reading HTBATG. Many many thanks! ♥


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