23 ♥

Ever since my dad passed away, my birthday slowly lost its colors… my whole life actually. January 7 passes like every other day. I still have my mom, brother and his family, Tito Boboy, and Beni [oh, and we have the amazonas too pa pala. Hihihi :3], but having my father’s presence is still different. Even if I smile and “celebrate”, I still feel the emptiness in my heart. My date of birth became just an ordinary day.

Let me tell you a fact about myself. I may appear crazy and wacky most of the time, but deep inside, I’m a really really lonely person. There are times when I feel lost, alone, and unloved.  I hate rainy days and sunsets for it reminds me of death. I compare myself to a rainbow, so no matter how much I hate rainy days, I know that I need it to be able to see the rainbow.

This year was different. After a long time, this was the first time that I actually felt special on my special day [redundant ba? Hehe.] Maybe my mom’s surprise did a huge part for making me feel this way na rin. She ordered a fondant cake especially for me… and of course it was pink. Haha. I’m not really a fan of fondant cakes but I was really touched [especially because of her effort in keeping her surprise a secret]. The cake is sweet, as well as she. ♥

My officemates were also a big part of this happiness on my special day. I actually went to the office to go to the gym [since my contract already ended last month]. But they suggested that we eat-out for lunch. Since I don’t want them to be late, we just had our food delivered from KFC. I was surprised to see a blueberry cheesecake from Beanhub [which is really really yummy] WITH a hand-made [?? lol] candle. It was a funny and brilliant idea which touched my heart. We will celebrate again on Thursday. Yeeey.

And then on Saturday, I will cook my special Carbonara ala Tiniwiniyelopolkadatbikinee for Towties [plus my thesismates?].

Even though I feel the pressure as another year has been added to my age [most of the people at home wants me to find him], as of now I am already satisfied since I feel loved and super blessed. My friends and family made January 7 a very special day once again.

To those people who became a part of my 23 years of existence, thank you very much. Thank you for going through this wonderful adventure called life with me. Cheers!


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