Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar 2014.2

Please click here for Part 1. Thanks! Hihi.

Day 2. March 9, Sunday

I set up my alarm as early as 5 in the morning. Since we are six in the room and I take a 30-minute bath time, waking up early is a MUST. After taking a warm bath, I decided to go back to sleep. Nyahaha. Snow White [or should I say, Maria Clara? lol] lang ang peg ko for it was the chirping birds that woke me up [again] and not the alarm.

We had our breakfast in Marivent Cafe at around 7am. After eating, we went back to the room and relaxed. We attended the holy mass at 10am which was held at Casa Binan.


I would like to note my favorite part of the homily: it seems that morality depends on time—sa kung ano ang uso at sa kung ano ang idinidikta ng ibang bansa. Making the good evil, and making the evil good.

Anyway, after the mass we decided to roam around the area ulit. I remembered that we still haven’t visited the beach. Good thing, Tita Maryanne likes the ocean so she accompanied me to the beach area. It was a sunny day so we didn’t stay that long.


We went back to the room and started to pack our things. Shortly after, it was already 11am. Our check out time is 1pm so we decided to have an early lunch at La Bella Teodora. It was the Italian restaurant housed at Casa Binan that I was talking about in my previous post.


While ordering, we were surprised to see that our attendant was one of our favorite dancers from last night’s cultural show. What surprised us more is that he’s also from Bicol [our family is from Bicol, originally].

Anyway, I decided to pig out on Lasagna [one of my fave pasta dishes OM] and pizza, of course. I’m kinda biased when it comes to Italian food so please don’t ask my verdict regarding the taste. NYAHAHA. All I can say is, they’re generous when it comes to cheese. ♥


While eating, a string trio came and serenaded us again. The trio is composed of two guitarists and one bassist. They were not on the cultural show last night so I asked my uncle if he knows them. “Kainuman ko mga yan eh.”—wow. Haha. Anyway, one of the performers was a contestant in Showtime [I think he just came back].


I soo love La Bella Teodora. I love the place and its overall ambience, the food [I told you I’m pasta and pizza-holic, biased, biased, biased], the service, and of course the music.

After guiltily indulging on my Italian food fetish, we went back to the room for our final preparations [and picture taking]. I tell you, guys, two days [or to calculate it correctly: a day,] is not enough to fully enjoy the resort. I wish we could stay longer but our weekdays schedule won’t allow it. Time seem to have frozen during our stay at Las Casas. After we left, it felt like we escaped from a time warp wormhole and finally returned to reality.. the present.

On our way back, I realized that today we’re going to be the future’s history. I sometimes wonder what this generation would leave as its “heritage” for the future generations. Antique cellphones? Antique tablets? Kayo, what do you think?


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