T e a r s

One thing I appreciate about Facebook is that it constantly reminds you of the memories of what you’ve shared, felt, and experienced on the same day of the previous years. What I’ve noticed is that I’ve been artistically inspired last year and I always have an artwork to share almost every single day. Wow. Anyare? So…

Tini Travels: Pinto Art Museum 2017

“Pwede na kayong magtayo ng exhibit sa dami ng drawing na lakad ng barkada mo” — as this famous saying goes, I really thought Kars and I’s trip to Pinto Art Museum (PAM) would never push through. But as art enthusiasts and self-proclaimed painters (mwahaha), we were really eager to fit this trip to our busy schedules. It took…


Hi guys! Time flies so fast that I barely realized that it’s already the last day of October. To be honest, I didn’t really had the time to doodle that much, all thanks to that horror called life, jk. Hehe. While thinking of what to draw, a very familiar collection of blue soft- and hard-bound books…

Running Out of Pages 2

Sharing my artworks since I finally reached the last page of my sketch watercolor pad.

Running Out of Pages

I have always loved drawing. But after graduating from college, I’ve always been preoccupied with work (and badminton… and soccer… and Game of Thrones… and Korean dramas… and Clash of Clans, and… many, many more. HAHA!). So after a long time of desertion, here I am (with arms wide open) ready to embrace the polychromatic realm of ze arts.

Page 7 of 365

Better late than never: here’s a Tini-caricature to express my gratitude to the people who remembered and celebrated my twen-TEEN-fourth birthday!

Meet The Frustrated Mangaka

I decided to have my once in a blue moon “habit” (lol) of cleaning my lair last Saturday and guess what I found. I happened to unearth the keys to my past… the perfect instruments to reminisce the moments that I used to share with my first love: drawing. I’m not really a “gifted child” like…