T*arts: FEB 2018

November is my declared hell month but this year, February is definitely keeping up ahead of the game. With the AISAS Valentines Sale and symposium that we are arranging, the stress just keeps on piling up. Good thing is that I have lots of ways to de-stress, and painting is definitely the cherry on top…

Running Out of Pages 2

Sharing my artworks since I finally reached the last page of my sketch watercolor pad.

Running Out of Pages

I have always loved drawing. But after graduating from college, I’ve always been preoccupied with work (and badminton… and soccer… and Game of Thrones… and Korean dramas… and Clash of Clans, and… many, many more. HAHA!). So after a long time of desertion, here I am (with arms wide open) ready to embrace the polychromatic realm of ze arts.